The earliest items can be placed out is the Wednesday, 5 days prior to the week of pickup and must be placed out no later than 5:00 am on Monday
the week of the scheduled pick up. Residents, please be considerate of your neighbors – do not put your items out before the designated dates.
Please be patient as the City has all week to pick-up in our area.

Please separate your brush and bulk pickup into two piles – one for green waste and one for everything else.
The piles will be picked up by separate trucks during your designated brush and bulk pickup week.

*Please refrain from placing trash containers or bulk trash where it blocks the sidewalk and would prevent pedestrians or wheelchair bound
residents from passing along the sidewalk.


Landscapers working prior to the pick-up date must remove any brush and debris upon completion of their project.  

Residents may not put out their brush and bulk in advance of vacation or holiday. 

Brush pick up includes all materials other than construction/remodeling debris, tires, and hazardous materials.

Go to www.scottsdaleaz.gov/solid-waste/brush-bulk-collection

or call 480-312-5600 for more information.

You can also find the collection dates on the SRCA website under the Activities and Events tab, and then the SRCA Calendar of events.