The Architectural Committee’s purpose is to establish and implement controls for the aesthetics of Scottsdale Ranch based on the CC Rs and Bylaws.  The Committee, who meets bi-weekly, is charged with the responsibility to review and take action on all architectural applications submitted by Scottsdale Ranch residents prior to any modifications to the property are made.  The Architectural Committee meets the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, at 3:30pm in the SRCA Administrative office. This Committee is not less than five (5) members and additionally no more than nine (9) members should be appointed by the SRCA Board of Directors annually.  An SRCA Board Member should be designated as the Committee Chairman unless otherwise designated by the Board and to report to the Board on a continual basis.

The Committee meets the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Meetings are open to SRCA residents.


The Communication Committee’s responsibility is to oversee the bi-monthly magazine, the website and any other publication deemed necessary by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director, Community Relations Coordinator and Committee meets monthly for an editorial meeting to review content for the upcoming magazine. The Committee consists of at least four members. Members are comprised of the Executive Director, the Community Relations Coordinator, a Board member who acts as a chairman and at least one member-at-large. The Communications Committee meets on an as needed basis.

Community Leadership Group

The Community Leadership Group’s responsibility is to establish and maintain open lines of communication between ancillary associations within Scottsdale Ranch. This committee shall serve as a channel to exchange information that is beneficial to Scottsdale Ranch as a whole. This Committee plans two to three events per year and meets accordingly to plan and attend meetings.


The Election Committee ensures election policies and procedures are uniform, unbiased and open to all eligible Members of SRCA.  They oversee the entire election process to ensure fairness, integrity and that preference will not be shown to any candidate.


The Finance Committee was formed to assist the SRCA Board of Directors in overseeing the finances; ensuring adequate safeguards are implemented to protect the assets of the Association and achieving its goals and objectives. It is the responsibility of the Finance Committee to see that appropriate procedures are in place. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors with the Treasurer as Board liaison. The Committee consists of not more than seven members. Members are comprised of the SRCA Board Treasurer, a Board member, two – four members-at-large and the Executive Director. The Finance Committee meets at least quarterly.


The role and responsibilities of the Governmental Committee is:

  1. To establish channels of communication with city, county and state governmental officials and departments to inform them of Scottsdale Ranch interests and concerns.
  2. To be familiar with current events and impending civic and governmental programs; and proposals which may affect the quality of life of Scottsdale Ranch residents or the operation of the Association, and to recommend actions and positions to the Board regarding the same.
  3. To ensure that the Scottsdale Ranch Community Association (SRCA) is being provided with the appropriate and necessary governmental services to enable it to accomplish its goals.

The Governmental Committee meets on an as needed basis.


The Lake Committee’s role and responsibility is to examine the overall operational costs and environmental quality of the lake and its water use in relation to the Department of Water Resources associated with maintaining Lake Serena. The Lake Committee meets on an as needed basis.


The Social Committee’s role and responsibility is to involve residents as active participants in the community and to acquaint new residents with the community. The Committee assists staff with the planning of a variety of social and recreational activities, which appeal to all age groups.The Social Committee meets on as needed basis.

If you are interested in joining any of these Committees, please complete the Committee Application and submit it to the administrative office.