There are many reasons for owners, whether full–time residents, part-time residents or an owner who rents their property, to ensure the SRCA office has current contact information on file.

  1. In Case of Emergency – We received a call from a resident reporting a tree had blown down in a storm and fell on the neighbor’s home.  They were pretty sure the owners were gone for the summer.  We searched our data base and found we did not have current contact information for the owner and were unable to quickly contact them.  Situations like this are few but they do happen.
  2. Property Maintenance Issues – We received a call from a resident reporting the neighbor’s irrigation had been running all day.  The owners were out of state for the summer.  Again, we were not provided with any contact information when the property was purchased.  In this case, with a google search by SRCA staff and some luck we were able to reach the owner.  I am curious to know what their water bill was.  Along with malfunctioning irrigation, we have also experienced problems with bee hives and a boat that came unmoored and was floating loose on the lake until SRCA staff could rescue it. Again, no contact information was provided by the owners.
  3. Neighbor to Neighbor Issues – We received an email from a resident that was reporting water coming from the neighbor’s side of the shared wall that was flooding into their property.  SRCA made repeated attempts to contact the owner with the number we had on file.  Unfortunately, the owners were on vacation and only provided a landline number but no cell number or email to reach them.

These are just a few examples of situations that can arise.  It is so important for the SRCA office to have current contact information for owners as well as for their tenants if they rent their property.  Please keep in mind if you have signed up for the SRCA email blasts, this does not mean we have that updated information in our homeowner account software.  Play it safe and give the office a call, fill out the form below or send an email to to ensure we have the most up-to-date information for you.