When leasing your home in Scottsdale Ranch, please be aware that there are guidelines and rules regarding leases:

(CC&Rs, Article IV, Section 3(b), Page 22)

  • No Owner may lease less than his entire Lot and the Resident Unit
  • All leases shall be subject to the following restrictions: 
    • (i) All leases must be in writing and must provide that the terms of the lease are subject in all respects to the provisions of this Declaration and the Association Rules and any State, County, or City Rules or Regulations regarding leasing of properties.
    • (ii) All leases shall contain a requirement that any violation of this Declaration or the Association Rules, State, County, or City Rules by the lessee or the other occupants shall be a default under the lease. Such default shall be subject to monetary penalties as determined by the Board of Directors and the provisions of the Declaration, Articles, Bylaws, and Association Rules provided herein. (iii) There shall be no subleasing of residential dwelling units or assignments of leases. 
    • (iv) An Owner may not lease his Lot to more than one Single Family at one time.  Furthermore, an Owner may not enter into more than a total of two (2) leases for his Lot during any 365 day period. Additionally, all leases must be for a minimum of a thirty (30) day term.  No new lease may begin less than thirty (30) days after the start of the prior lease.  No advertisement offering a lease or rental for less than thirty (30) days shall be allowed.  All advertising shall limit leasing to only a Single Family.  (v) Upon commencement of the lease term, the Owner shall submit a tenant registration form, along with a fee, for each new tenant and each new lease, to the Association, in the amounts allowed by A.R.S. § 33-1806.01 (as amended).
    • (v) At least ten (10) days before commencement of the lease term, the Owner shall provide the Association with the following information in writing:  (i) the commencement date and expiration date of the lease term; (ii) the names of each of the lessees and each other person who will reside in the residential dwelling unit during the lease term; (iii) the address and telephone number at which the Owner can be contacted by the Association during the lease term; and (vi) the name, address and telephone number of a person whom the Association can contact in the event of an emergency involving the Lot or residential dwelling unit. 
    • Any Owner who leases his Lot and the residential dwelling unit situated thereon must provide the lessee with copies of this Declaration and the Association Rules.  An Owner who leases or otherwise grants occupancy rights to his Lot to any Person shall be responsible for assuring compliance by the Occupant with all of the provisions of the Declaration, Articles, By-Laws, Association Rules and Design Guidelines and shall be jointly and severally responsible for any violations by the Occupant thereof.”