Scottsdale Ranch General Info | FAQ

What are the boundaries of Scottsdale Ranch?
Our West border is 96th street, North border is Shea, East border is 108th and 112th and the Salt River Pima Indian Community is our South border.

What is in the Mercado?
The most current list of our Mercado Merchants is in the latest issue of our Magazine.  There are several restaurants, an ATM for Bank of America, a drugstore, a gas station, nail salon, gym, preschool, facial boutique, mail office, barbershop, shoe repair and more.

What events does SRCA do for residents?
SRCA maintains over 100 acres of landscaped common areas, a 42-acre lake and Community Center.  SRCA also hosts events year-round for our residents.  To view the current event schedule, please go to our website and click ‘events.’

Where do I vote?
To find your polling location, please visit the Maricopa County Recorder’s website:


Administration & Annual Assessment | FAQ

Who is my management company?
Scottsdale Ranch is made up of many sub-associations, some with their own management.  To find a sub-association’s management contact information, go to and click on ‘Resident Resources’ then click on ‘Sub-Association Contact List.’

How do I pay my Annual Assessment?
The annual assessment fee for Scottsdale Ranch is $395.00 and is due January 1st of each year. Our accounting firm Colby Management mails invoices to all owners in early December, we also post the payment and due date information on our website and publish the information in our Scottsdale Ranch Magazine starting with the October/November issue.

Payments can be made several different ways.  Homeowners can mail their check made payable to SRCA:

P.O. Box 98199
Phoenix, AZ 85038-0199

Payment can also be made through automatic withdrawal by completing an ACH Form, which can be found on our website under ‘Resident Resources → SRCA Documents and Forms → Assessments,’ and submitting a voided check to the administrative office.

The SRCA office cannot accept credit or debit card payments for assessments; however, you may access the CIT Bank C-Property Pay portal online payment service at  There is no charge for processing payments made with an eCheck; credit card payments incur a processing fee which is collected by the bank.

CIT Bank Contact information:  General Office 866-800-4656


Rules & Enforcement (CC&R) | FAQ

Who do I contact about a street light outage?
First, you will want to see what numbers are on the light-pole.  For numbers beginning with ID or SA: contact the Arizona Public Service at 602-371-5483; For numbers beginning with SS: contact the City of Scottsdale at 480-312-5483.  If the outage is related to a large green or beige transformer in the front side of yard area, contact the Arizona Public Service at 602-7171. We can report to the city for them but we need the number(s) on the streetlight.

Can I have a garage sale, other than the SRCA Community Wide Sale?
Yes, residents can have yard sales anytime they like, however are only allowed one physical sign in their front yard.  They are not allowed to have any other signage other than, for example, craigslist or newspapers.  We also encourage you to visit our classified section of the website and list your sale there.

How do I report an abandoned vehicle?
The Scottsdale Ranch Rules define an abandoned vehicle as ‘any vehicle without current required license plates and tags; or that is inoperable, unused, stripped, scrapped, junked, discarded, dismantled, wrenched, on blocks or similar devices, or vehicles with deflated tires.’ Please call SRCA Homeowner Liaison with information such as the address where the vehicle is located, and we will address this with the vehicle owner.

The City of Scottsdale considers any vehicle parked on a public street that does move for a 24-hour period or that meets the above criteria to be abandoned. Please call the Scottsdale Police non-emergency number, 480-312-5000, and they will investigate.

Who do I report barking dogs to?
Please contact the SRCA Homeowner Liaison and they will assess the situation to take further actions.  The City of Scottsdale has a free mediation service that is available to residents of Scottsdale. They have been quite successful in dealing with barking dog issues. For further information, please contact the Citizen Advisory at 480-312-2342.

Who do I call to report a city code violation?
Please call: (480) 312-2546Call Code Enforcement for such things as pool fencing, property upkeep including landscaping, signs.


Landscape & Architectural | FAQ

When is the next Brush Collection?
Dates of upcoming Brush Collections are on our website ‘events’ calendar or in the SRCA magazine.  Residents can put bulk trash in front of their home for pick up and the city will come by and collect within the duration of the week. If you would like the exact date and time or to schedule a pick-up of your own, call the city at 480-312-5680.

I want to paint my house, what colors can I use?
All homes within Scottsdale Ranch must receive approval prior to beginning house-painting.  If you are in a sub-division, you must receive approval from your sub-association before coming to SRCA for approval.  There is a section on the SRCA Architectural application for your sub-association to sign-off on so that we know your request was approved.  At this point, the majority of applications can be approved with a very quick turnaround, pending all required information is provided.

Who do I call to have a street or sidewalk repair done?
Please call the City of Scottsdale Repair, Field Services office at: (480) 312-5620.


Community Center & Private Party | FAQ

Can I come in early just to drop a few things off?
No, the number of hours you reserve the facility for must account for drop offs, any vendors (i.e. caters, event planners) coming and going, set up/decorating, the event and a light clean-up afterwards.  Prior to your rental start-time, our staff is working to set-up your floor plan and make sure the facility is in perfect condition for your event.  If you need to store a large item, please ask us about our storage fee.

Do you know of any caters, DJs, bands, etc. for hire, that I could use for my event?
Please check out our vendor list!  You can get one in the office.

Can I come in before my reservation to view the facility, finalize my floor plan and test equipment?
Absolutely, in fact we suggest doing so prior to your event date!  Plan to do this when our administrative office is open: Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Though we understand this is tougher to accommodate into your schedule, during evenings and weekends the facility is often rented for another reservation and out of respect, we do not allow anyone to interrupt their event.

Can I remove the wall art and decor?
No, all decor must remain as is.  If anything is moved or damaged, money could be withheld from your security deposit.

Does the waterfall turn off?
Yes, but does not have other settings; it can only be either on or off. Please make this request one week prior to your reservation date when your floor plan is due.

Can I provide a pontoon ride for my attendees during the event?
Yes, if a reservation is available, you are welcome to rent the pontoon during your event.  Keep in mind, our boat battery only lasts about three hours.  20-minute rides are allowed in order to accommodate more people getting to experience Lake Serena.

How can I turn the facility into an outdoor/indoor space, using the patio?
The glass doors along the lake-side of the community center open fully.  To view, visit the site below.  On the day of your event, please ask a staff member to assist you.

Is my Security Deposit included in my rental fees?
No, your security deposit is completely separate from your rental fees.  Your rental fees are what you are paying to use the facility and the security deposit fee can be fully refunded, pending all agreement terms were met.

Can I reserve the facility for my friend who is not a Scottsdale Ranch resident?
Yes, but you must take full responsibility for your friend.  All documents, all communication, all payments, etc. is required to come from the SRCA resident.  A cash payment is the only form of payment accepted from a non-resident.

When will I receive my refund?
Please allow up to two weeks to receive your refund, for all forms of payment. Refund checks must be processed through our accounting office and all cash refunds are processed the same way.  To complete a credit card refund, our office will contact you for credit card information, as for your own protection, we do not keep your credit card on file.

If I made my reservation for 76-125 attendees but less than 75 attended my event, can I get refunded the difference?
No, we do not allow refunds for this reason.  If your event has not occurred yet, and your attendee number has significantly decreased, please contact the SRCA office to discuss.

What are the table dimensions and what do they look like?
Please visit for images and measurements of all available furniture.

Pontoon & Recreation Boats | FAQ

Am I allowed to use the pontoon boat and how much does it cost?
Yes.  Pontoon rides are available for residents use. Pontoon rides are $35 for one hour, $50 for two hours and each resident is allowed a complimentary ride every two years.  Prices are different during the Holiday Boat Ride Season and complimentary rides are not allowed in this season.

Am I eligible for my complimentary pontoon ride?
Each resident is allowed a complimentary ride every two years.  Prices are different during the Holiday Boat Ride Season and complimentary rides are not allowed in this season.  To find out if you are eligible, please contact the SRCA office.

What are Holiday Boat Rides?
Holiday boat rides are the same as a regular pontoon ride but around this time many homes on the lake decorate big-time for the season with lights galore! Holiday Boat Rides are available Sunday through Thursday and are $30 for 45 minutes beginning at 6:15 pm, 7:15 pm or 8:15 pm.  Friday and Saturday boat rides are $35 for one hour or $50 for two hours.

Is alcohol allowed on the pontoon boat?
Yes, BYOB is allowed on our boat, but no glass please.

How many people does the pontoon sit?
The boat seats up to 9 of their guests and we provide one driver to equal the maximum capacity of 10 riders at a time.  Sorry no pets allowed.


Lake Serena | FAQ

How deep is the lake?
The lake depth ranges from 5 ft to 16 ft.

How big is the lake?
Lake Serena is over 42 surface acres with over 5 miles of shoreline.

What kind of fish are in the lake?
There are Blue Gill, Catfish, Carp, Bass, Croppy, Minos and more!

Is it a natural lake?
No, the lake is man-made and well maintained.

Is the lake safe to swim in?
No, NO swimming is allowed.

How many times do you fill the lake?
The lake is filled a few times a year and we have lake surveys which give us a pretty good idea of fish count.

Are paddle boards allowed?
No, they are not.

Living with Wildlife | FAQ

Who do I call to report the presence of bobcats, raccoons, or other wildlife?
As a precaution, do not approach any wild animal, and do not leave pets or small children out unattended. You can call one of the companies below to have the animal relocated. Don’t allow the animal to make itself comfortable around your house. If you see the animal, spray it with a garden hose, blow an air horn, bang pots/pans — anything to make the animal feel uncomfortable around you and your home. You can call Darrin Julian, Regional Urban Wildlife Specialist, Arizona Game & Fish at 480-3554 for additional information.

Following are the numbers of some licensed wildlife control operators (wildlife pest control companies). It is best to call a few and get quotes, information, etc.

All Animal Rescue and Transport 602-923-2278
AZ Game & Fish 24 Hour Dispatch 623-236-7201
Liberty Wildlife 480-998-5550
Fallen Feathers 623-533-2348
SW Wildlife Mammals 480-471-9109


What should I do if I spot a bee hive?
Please, for your own safety, consider all bees to be dangerous and do not attempt to remove them yourself. Call a professional.  If the bee hive is on SRCA common area, please call our administrative office at 480-860-2022 with the location of the hive and we will have it removed. If it is after business hours and considered an emergency, please call the SRCA 24-hour answering service at 1-888-271-0019.
If the hive is on sub-association common area, please contact your sub-association property manager. If the hive is on private property, the owner is responsible for hive removal.  City of Scottsdale Bee Hotline (480) 312-2722.

Communication | FAQ

Does SRCA have my correct mailing address on file?
If you are a resident who does not spend the full year here, please make sure you update your address with our office prior to leaving Scottsdale Ranch.  Though you may update your address with the post office, our system is different and does not update automatically.  On the home page of our website go to ‘SRCA Quick Forms’ and select ‘Update My Contact Information’.  Once you complete the address change, our staff will update accordingly.

Why am I not receiving the SRCA magazine?
Please make sure you have followed the steps above, if applicable.  If not, please contact the SRCA office and ask to speak with the Community Relations Coordinator.  We will put you on a special list that is added to the master mailing list, therefore guaranteeing you will receive the next issue.

Why am I not receiving your email blasts?
Simply go to the SRCA website’s homepage and towards the top right enter your information where it says ‘Sign Up for Weekly Email Blasts’.

How do I advertise in your magazine?
The SRCA magazine advertising has two options.  (1) You may contact CLC Publications LLC by calling 480-702-0458 or emailing info@clcpublicationsllc.  (2) If and only If, you are a Mercado at Scottsdale Ranch Merchant you can receive free advertising, contact the SRCA Community Relations Coordinator by calling our office.