Please keep in mind that residents and their guests in Scottsdale Ranch must utilize the garage and driveway areas of the home before parking vehicles in the street.  Please see the passage below, which addresses parking in Scottsdale Ranch. 

It is the intent of the Association to restrict On-Street parking as much as possible. Vehicles of all Owners, Lessees, and Residents, and of their employees, guests and invitees, are to be kept in garages, carports, residential driveways of the Owner and other designated parking areas wherever and whenever such facilities are sufficient to accommodate the number of vehicles at a Lot or Parcel; provided, however, this Section shall not be construed to permit the parking in the above described areas of any vehicle whose parking on Scottsdale Ranch is otherwise prohibited or the parking of any inoperable vehicle. Before any vehicles may be parked on the street, all parking spaces on the Lot or Parcel located within an Owner’s garage and on an Owner’s driveway must be used for parking vehicles.”

 You can find all the CC&R information at or call the SRCA office at (480) 860-2022